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Friday, June 19, 2015

As many know I am a very big proponent for Active Learning in the classroom as I believe it builds life long learners and students who truly feel a sense of community in their classroom.

I am working on a Lunch and Learn Online series at LSU in which one of the courses is Active Learning Activities in the Classroom. I am very excited about this new endeavor and how it will impact instruction in the Higher Education setting.

I wanted to share a great Active Learning activity that can used in a face to face and online classroom. I have built this activity into the Online course I am creating.
You can use it in a database, discussion forum or have the students submit as an assignment.

As a database entry or discussion it reads like this:
CASH Out requires students to reflect on a reading passage, article, video, presentation, module (week of study) using four guiding questions:
1.     What did you learn about the topic? (Cognitive)
2.     How did you react to the topic? (Affective)
3.     What surprised you about the topic? (Surprise)
4.     What idea or topic was helpful to you? (Help)

I have linked the Cash Out document (I turned it into a fillable form). This document can be filled out by the student and submitted as an assignment or filled out and attached to a post in a discussion form.

This can be used in a face to face classroom as an Exit Slip to leave class.

Below are some images from the Online class in Moodle I am creating as part of my OLC (Online Teaching Certification).

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