Creating Meaningful and Visually Appealing Slides

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Another great post from EdShelf! I love this site!

Preparing slides that are both meaningful and visually appealing has gotten a lot easier thanks to technology. Whether it is for your classroom, a departmental talk, or a conference presentation, here are resources to help craft beautiful slides.
  • Slidebean - Web presentation software that lets you create beautiful slide design in seconds. SPONSORED LINK
  • IdeaStorm - Before starting, you need a solid outline. Use this free iPad app for a visual brainstorming session.
  • Veezzle - When you are ready to start filling in your slides, this image search service helps you find royalty-free stock photos.
  • The Noun Project - For professionally-designed icons, this resource has thousands of icons for thousands of nouns.
  • Pic Collage - Put images and icons you've found into a collage with this mobile app for ideation or your presentation.
  • Flipagram - Or turn those images and icons into a slideshow with narration or music to liven up your presentation a notch.

Want more? Check out these collections of tools created by members like you.

Enjoy these great tools for educators!

- Mike Lee, Co-founder of edshelf

7 Characteristics of a Digital Competent Teacher...Are you a DCT?

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As I was checking my feeds today on Hoot Suite I noticed this great tweet about Digitally Competent Teachers. I really enjoyed the info graphic and thought it provided valuable information. Therefore, I had to share with my readers = )

It is important to note that these are characteristics and not skills. 

I want to thank Daily Genius for this great info graphic.

Here is a summary of these 7 characteristics:
  • You can integrate digital skills into everyday life
  • You have a balanced attitude
  • You are open to using and trying new stuff
  • You are a digital communicator
  • You know how to do a digital assessment
  • You understand and respect privacy
  • You are a digital citizen
Are you a digital competent teacher? I would love to know your feedback.