Week 2 Fill in the Blank State Abbreviations

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 Fill in each blank with the correct state abbreviation.

Chapter 3, Lesson 1 The Spanish Colony in the Americas

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Complete each activity below. Read each question carefully and answer to the best of your ability. You may complete these review activities as many times as you like in order to master the content.

Vocabulary and Questions


Society in New Spain 

Label the diagram with the different classes of society in New Spain with the highest rank at the top. Drag the ranks and information about each rank to the appropriate boxes on the triangle.

Learning with H5P

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Anyone who knows me knows how much I love H5P! H5P is a plugin that enables users to create interactive content - such as videos, quizzes, presentations, and games. I love creating them and remixing the ones that I find. I also love just using what is available. Please check out some that I recently found that would be good for kids. I will keep adding = )

Compound Sentence Practice (and, but, or)

Common Suffixes & Prefixes

Compound Sentences and Conjunctions


Complete Sentences


Telling Time

Subtraction Word Problems