December Resources That Will Warm Your Soul

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Are you busy? Of course you are, but this time of the year tends to be more hectic than other times. Because I know you are so busy, this post is dedicated to providing you with resources that you can quickly link to your curriculum without a lot of stress. 

Below are links to videos, websites, and flipcharts for you to use with your students.

Daily Writing Prompts
December Writing Prompts

Cyber Sale on Teachers Pay Teachers 11/28 -11/29

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Educators save up to 28% on resources sitewide. Sellers choose to offer discounts up to 20% and TpT provides an additional 10% promo code that's used during checkout. Most Teacher-Authors choose to set their sale at 20%, but that decision is up to you. 

I will be offering 20% in my own store, so please click on the image below to take a look.

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Gold Ridge is PURE GOLD!!

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I absolutely love Gold Ridge. It has been one of my favorite for years. Goldridge is an educational site that seems to continue to grow and provide great resources for educators.

Gold Ridge is PURE GOLD! This site is a must to add to your technology toolbox. Make sure to bookmark it today.

My Favorites

(You will see some of your favorite books and stories.)

(On this Dr. Seuss page, you get the full length books that you can show on your Promethean board…I am so excited about this one.)

(You will find some of your favorite books and stories.)

(Wonderful Audio books....8 pages with about 15-20 books on each page) I love this as I think with the music and the spoken words, the books truly come alive.


(Donald in Math Magic Land)

(Reading Comprehension practice)


November Resources that Rock

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Happy November Everyone! The weather is finally starting to get cooler and I am enjoying it very much. The weather station said this morning that the weekend could bring in temperatures in the 30's..WOW! 

I hope you are having a great November so far. I wanted to blog today with some resources that you can use in your classroom and/or with your own kids.

I always have fun coming up with FREE activities and resources that parents and teachers can use in their classroom and with their kids. Enjoy and have fun!

EdTech Calendar
November 2016

Online Books
It's Fall!!

ActivInspire: Flipcharts

Smart Notebook



Activities for the Classroom

**sign up for a free trial of Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr.**

Clipart: Fall Time

Printables: Fall Time

Songs and Poems

WIN a FALL themed bundle of 9 educational games for your classroom!!

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You can WIN a FALL themed bundle of 9 educational games for your classroom!! I will be giving away three copies of this awesome set...over 180 pages of interactive fun.

Enter by tomorrow 11/16 to win!
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Blog Design Winner from the Restoring Hope for Louisiana Teacher Fundraiser

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Our team knew that we wanted to say THANK YOU to all of the amazing teachers who have supported our fundraiser by purchasing a bundle or donating money. Shannon from Blogs Fit For A Queen has graciously donated a FREE BLOG DESIGN. When you purchase one of the bundles from the Restoring Hope: Love for Louisiana Teachers TPT Store and the WINNER IS....

Kaleigh VanderKamp

Congratulations Kaleigh!!

Assessment Tools to Take Instruction to the Next Level

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Here are a few of my favorite assessment tools. I have so many, but I will narrow today's post to only two. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Plant a Question...Grow an Answer
I love this tool as it brings my love of Word Clouds into a feedback tool. I can ask students any type of question and quickly see their answers. With this minimal and fast response feedback tool, I can evaluate my own instruction and quickly go over any misconceptions students may have based on the content taught in class. There are so many active learning questions one can ask with this great FREE tool.


  • Before students read a text, watch a movie, or hear a lecture, they should be encouraged to brainstorm all they know about a topic. You could create an AnswerGarden much like a KWL chart.
  • AnswerGarden can be used as a backchannel discussion during a class debate, discussion, or lecture.
  • Whole-group brainstorming
  • Instructors can pose questions such as:
    1. What was the muddiest point in this lesson thus far?
    2. What is one vocabulary term you struggled with? 
    3. What do you know about __________?
    4. Electricity is……

Here is a how-to on setting up your own AnswerGarden:

I love that Quizlet offers so many fun and educational options. Another reason why I love it so much is that I can embed what I create into my Moodle course page for my students. Another feature is that I can also turn my flashcard questions into graded and non-graded quizzes in Moodle. Win Win for me!! 


  • Create flashcards, games and other study tools for students. 
  • You can link your Quizlet class url within Moodle as well as Export your flashcards into your Question Bank to use for Moodle quizzes.
  • Each item (Flashcards, Test, Interactive Games, Learn, etc) can be embedded into Moodle.
  • An advantage over similar flashcard services is the option for student to play games using their sets of flashcards instead of just learning from rote memorization.

Here is a how-to guide on setting up Quizlet:

Make sure to check out these great tools. Stay tuned for more of my favorites in the coming weeks. Have a great rest of the week and weekend!!