Gold Ridge is PURE GOLD!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I absolutely love Gold Ridge. It has been one of my favorite for years. Goldridge is an educational site that seems to continue to grow and provide great resources for educators.

Gold Ridge is PURE GOLD! This site is a must to add to your technology toolbox. Make sure to bookmark it today.

My Favorites

(You will see some of your favorite books and stories.)

(On this Dr. Seuss page, you get the full length books that you can show on your Promethean board…I am so excited about this one.)

(You will find some of your favorite books and stories.)

(Wonderful Audio books....8 pages with about 15-20 books on each page) I love this as I think with the music and the spoken words, the books truly come alive.


(Donald in Math Magic Land)

(Reading Comprehension practice)


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