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Thursday, October 11, 2012
Gerald, May, Sid, and Gabriela. Wecome!

As a technology specialist I am always looking for great technology tools that will increase student motivation and academic success. I want students to have fun as they learn and develop into lifelong learners.

I wanted to spotlight Sid the Science Kid as I really love all the information and materials that are free to students, teachers, and parents.

What is Sid the Science Kid you ask?
The Sid the Science Kid website is designed to develop a students' natural wonder and build a solid foundation for key science concepts.

This site provides free online and offline activities that will surely motivate children to practice and truly discover science concepts as they dig deeper into their own learning.

Free Activities with Videos:

Blog for Curious Teachers:

I hope this website sparks a little curiosity in you and your students. Enjoy and I would love to know how your kiddos like the resources from Sid the Science Kid.

Kristen Hernandez = )
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