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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The following educational iOS apps are free. Download the apps as soon as possible as they can go to paid status at any time.

These apps are really good and you know as teachers it seems like nothing is free and everything teacher wise is expensive. When I saw this list, I jumped on the chance. I hope you do too! 
ABC Champ (spelling game; normally $1.99)
ACT (math lessons; normally $9.99)
Algebra Card Clutter (fast math game)
Ben & Bob Chipmunks (interactive book)
Bodie, California (Museum Planet presents a narrated, digital photo tour of the historic ghost mining town Bodie, California; normally $2.99)
Buzzle (normally $1.99)
Cars in Sandbox: Space Rover (normally $8.99; introduce young children to the Mars Rover and the Moon Rover)
Cyberchase: Ruckus Reader (interactive book; one free story included free; others available for in-app purchase)
Different Book (opposites)
Hide Run Growl (interactive book; normally $1.99)
Hookitty-Tookitty-Tah (interactive book; normally $2.99)
Hurricane by American Red Cross (great for tracking hurricanes, emergency preparedness, and more)
IBM Think (a wonderful app about how progress is made)
iReading HD - Sleeping Beauty (interactive book)
iStory Bally, the Balloon Dog (interactive book; normally $2.99)
iStory to the Rescue (interactive book; normally $2.99)
Jeff the Mis-Fish (interactive book)
JM Abel with No Navel (interactive book)
JM The Naughty Eagle Chicks (interactive book)
JM Untying the Knot (interactive book)
Kids iHelp - Analogy 1.0 (free set with more available through in-app purchase; excellent for practicing logical thinking skills)
Kids iHelp - Analogy 2.0 (free set with more available through in-app purchase; excellent for practicing logical thinking skills)
Luna Red (very cute interactive book about Red Riding Hood; normally $2.99)
Magic Clothes RD (interactive book)
Meet Heckerty (interactive book)
Mink (interactive phonics book)
MuseumApp (create your own museum exhibits; free registration required; normally $5.99)
North Wind (interactive book)
Open Wide Snap (interactive book; normally $1.99)
PeterPan(Unabridged) (audio book; normally $16.99)
Princesses Learn German (interactive book)
Puss in Boots (interactive book; free the whole month of August)
The Race by Lily (interactive book by a little girl)
Slice Wood (puzzle game)
The Tale of Tortoise Buffett and Trader Hare (interactive book about finance for children; normally $1.99)
Tickle Stomp! An Educational Story (interactive book for preschoolers)
Vermeer (art works; normally $1.99)
World Explorer (normally $2.99)

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