Apps for the One-iPad Classroom

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

from Tech Notes (TCEA)

If you only have one iPad, what are the best apps to put on it for student use? The apps below come highly recommended from TCEA, and they're all FREE!

BrainPOP Featured MovieBrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week, or BrainPOP: Pelicula del Dia are great for centers. Develop a set of standard questions for students to answer about the movie each day. The questions can focus on whatever comprehension or writing skill you are practicing at the time, such as main idea or vocabulary.

SpellingCity is a tremendous way for students to practice spelling words, and it works for grades K-12. Students can access lists created by others to study through one of the seven included games. Vocabulary practice, including for the SAT, is also included. 

Have students in grades 2 through 12 create a fast puppet show about something they are currently studying using the appPuppet Pals HD. One free theme set is included; others may be purchased. If you want more sets, look at buying the Director's Pass, which includes all current and future content for $2.99.

Students can access Flash-based web games and practice many different skills by using Rover - The Browser for Educationinstead of Safari. From Discovery Education, Rover streams filtered educational Flash content to the iPad. 

Create a fast book with more than 50 story starters usingScribble Press. Scribble Press for iPad is a book creation platform that allows kids to imagine, create, and share their own stories with great drawing and writing tools. Students can use their own photos, the included sticker album, or the 500 drawing tools in the app to illustrate their stories.

Students of any age can practice their vocabulary words or math facts together using the app StoryLines for Schools. One student selects a vocabulary word from several included lists or types in a word and definition of his own. The next student must illustrate the word The final student gives the drawing a title. The storyline then is played back for all to see.

Have a "Scribe of the Day" whose responsibility it is to take notes of what the class does that particular day using QuickVoice Recorder. This one-touch app is simple enough for even a first grade student to use. When the recording is done, it can be emailed to the teacher to post on a class website or blog.

Practice knowledge of important dates in U. S. history by playing others on the History Line app. A series of historical events are presented on the screen; students place the events onto a timeline at the bottom of the screen in the correct sequence. When the event placed on the line is correct, the date appears.