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Tech Resources
Dual Pen Activities
Check this out!!!

There is a link at the end of the forum thread. It has a link to install. Enjoy!

P.S.: It installs in the active software folder in programs.

Classroom Management Tools

Great Sites

Good Music Sites and Wav Sites

Great Clipart

Great Stuff  
(You will see some of your favorite books and stories.)  
(On this Dr. Seuss page, you get the full length books that you can show on your Promethean board…I am so excited about this one.)
(You will find some of your favorite books and stories.)
(Wonderful Audio books....8 pages with about 15-20 books on each page) I love this as I think with the music and the spoken words, the books truly come alive.
(Reading Comprehension practice)

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Tech Tools
The following tools can be manipulated by you and then saved. The saved files can then be inputted into your Promethean Flipcharts. To learn more about making your own games click here.
This is a simple activity which is a great way of rounding off a unit and revising important dates, concepts and people. It can also be used to randomly pick a name from a list of students. You can copy and paste your data direct from Word, Excel and other programs. Once on the website, click on Sample Files at the bottom of the screen to see lesson ideas.

This is a powerful interface: you create one set of questions, then you can choose from four different interactive quizzes.
Once on the website, click on Sample Files at the bottom of the screen to see lesson ideas.

This is a great interactive clock to help with classroom management.
Once on the website, click on Sample Files at the bottom of the screen to see lesson ideas.

A Dustbin game is great for helping students to organize ideas into categories.
Once on the website, click on Sample Files at the bottom of the screen to see lesson ideas.

This activity allows students to input their words into a book that becomes virtual and exciting.
Once on the website, click on Sample Files at the bottom of the screen to see lesson ideas.

A fishbone template is an essay planning tool. Whereas the burger diagram encourages students to think in terms of introduction, three main sections and a conclusion, the fishbone approach involves selecting four main factors, then providing three key pieces of detail about each.
Once on the website, click on Sample Files at the bottom of the screen to see lesson ideas.

A burger diagram is a simple essay planning tool. Students make basic notes covering their introduction, three main sections, and a conclusion.
Once on the website, click on Sample Files at the bottom of the screen to see lesson ideas.

The Jigsaw template is designed to allow students to make connections between various factors in an engaging manner.
Once on the website, click on Sample Files at the bottom of the screen to see lesson ideas.

The Priority Chart Template allows students to brainstorm factors which help to answer a key question, and then these can be dragged and dropped into an order of priority and colour coded as required.
Once on the website, click on Sample Files at the bottom of the screen to see lesson ideas.

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free web graphics bar
Children's Music
This site contains free children's music that your students will love. Educational music to inspire and motivate your students to learn.
This site contains wonderful interactive activities to enhance the content taught in the classroom.

Beakman and Jax's Place 
This site contains interactive demos, news about the Beakman's World TV show, and several Hubble Telescope pictures. It has a nice section on planets on the first page for early elementary students. Shockwave plug-in required for interactive demonstrations.

Electronic Zoo 

This "Electronic Zoo" has a vast amount of resources and various links to the study of the animal kingdom as well the environments in which some they live. For example, the link to whales has lesson plans developed by both educators and students to be interactive and interdisciplinary.

Earth and Mars Education Modules 

Interactive student activities geared towards planet exploration. Though some activities for grades 2 & 3, best suited to upper elementary. Can serve as a link for teacher to other science activities. Activities linked to national benchmarks and standards teacher/student 2-3.

UC Museum of Paleontology 

Great site for information on dinosaurs. Has a very good rubric (fossil record section) tying the National Science Standards to the study of dinosaurs at all grade levels.


This site speaks directly to the young scientist. It's an excellent tutorial for children learning scientific concepts and how math is integrated into science. There are no hands-on activities and the student has to have genuine interest in topic because its encyclopedic in its approach.

Discovery Channel School 

This site offers multimedia, interactive video options to the classroom. The content is current and linked to the Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel programming, offering opportunities for teachers to tape the programming and use it interactively with TLC Elementary School lesson plans. Also provided for teachers and students on this site are previews of upcoming programs and "Bulletin Board" Discussion opportunities regarding lessons/program. For full audio effects, the plug-in RealAudio needs to be downloaded.

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet 

Learn all about cockroaches, worms, and your gross and cool body! This web site has a great humorous slant to it that makes learning fun! Great graphics and sounds! An excellent resource to use in the classroom to learn about entomology and bodily functions.


VolcanoWorld is an outstanding resource for kids interested in learning about volcanoes. This website contains real-time volcano information including an interactive clickable map of active volcanoes world-wide and remote sensing satellite images. Topics covered at VolcanoWorld include how volcanoes work, submarine volcanoes, planetary volcanoes, career information on becoming a volcanologist, volcanic parks and monuments and volcano,exploration on the moon, Mars and Venus.

Carolina Coastal Science 

This web site contains a Carolina Coastal Photojournal with QuickTime movies. Students can use this Web site to explore similarities and differences in the amount of sand, visible waves, and plant cover between the ocean side and marsh side of the same barrier island, and identify similarities and differences among the three regions of the Carolina Coast.

For Kids Only- Earth Science Enterprise 

This site has many interesting activities for young students to learn about various earth science concepts. An interactive online coloring book is a unique feature of this web site.

NASA Observatorium 

In addition to many awesome space pictures, this web site contains a variety of interactive games with space themes which will engage young students.

This web site has many classroom activities for teachers to use in the classrooom for students to learn about whales and their habitat.

MathMol Hypermedia textbook for elementary school 

This web site contains an online textbook for students of grades 3,4 and 5 to learn about water, matter and energy, and atoms and molecules.

National Geographic Kids 

The web site for kids to explore the fascinating world of National Geographic. Interactive games and explorations make this Web site very engaging for young students.

Nine Planets Tour of the Solar System 
Take a virtual tour of our solar system.

Galaxy Photography 

Great pictures of galaxies throughout our universe.

Greatest hits from the Hubble Telescope 

Just like the title says. Many unique space photographs.

NASA's Planetary Photojournal 

A NASA database with over 1200 space images.

Mars the Red Planet

A great Web site for young students interested in exploring the planet Mars.

Cool Science for Curious Kids

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute invites curious kids to explore biology at this Web site. Activities include dust exploration, classifying critters, microscopy, plant parts, and more.


Experience a simulated pond, take a virtual tour of an outdoor classroom, pond math and pond science activities, publish your adopted pond online, and chat with other K-6 students interested in pond stuff.


The science behind agriculture is presented as a series of interactive stories based on research projects featured in Agricultural Research. Web site also contains photos, graphics, trivia, and classroom connections.

Rock Hounds with Rocky

Science activities to help students to explore how sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks are made. Also contains animations and interactive game

Air Travelers

Introduces students to the basic principles of buoyancy, properties of gases, temperature, and the technology involved in hot air ballooning.
These are approved websites by parents and teachers that have an educational purpose.

Art Safari: An Adventure in Learning for Children and Adults
Art Safari invites children to explore the painting and sculpture collection of The Museum of Modern Art. This site encourages children to learn about art by looking for animals in works of art. Children can also create their own artwork and print it or save on the computer.

Exploring Extremes in Music
Through a variety of engaging online activities, this site will allow students to explore extremes in several key elements of music, while listening to musical selections from the Xploring Xtremes concert performed by the world-renowned National Symphony Orchestra (NSO)!

Eduweb Adventures: Art & Art History
The Renaissance Connection is an interactive, educational web site for upper grade students that uses the Allentown Art Museum's internationally recognized Renaissance art collection as a foundation for teaching math, science, language arts, and social studies. The site is anchored on six core themes: Quest for Knowledge; Arts and Architecture; Patrons and Lifestyles; Everyday Life; Trade and Exploration; and Science and Technology.

San Francisco's Symphony for Kids
This website provides a great way for people of all ages to hear, learn, and have fun with music, become familiar with the different instruments of the orchestra, and learn music concepts in the music lab.

AccessArt: Visual Arts Online Workshop
Animated, interactive workshops covering topics such as photography; photography, drawing, installation art, photography, and color.

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