How to be as interesting as a video game

Friday, October 13, 2017
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1. Realize self-directed learning not by merely suggesting it, but making it necessary to get anything done.
2. Design learning experiences so that students see visible progress on a daily basis.
3. Make objectives clear, and offer students multiple ways to accomplish them.
4. Give students the tools to design and build what you hadn’t thought of.
5. Design with iteration in mind: one skill builds on the next, and students need it all to succeed.
6. Use project-based learning where students design the entire process from brainstorming to publishing.
7. Give students malleable learning tools and resources that they can customize, or “upgrade” to fit their approach to learning.
8. Make learning both collaborative and competitive.
9. Consider challenge-based learning and place-based education, where students solve problems important to them, in communities that are watching.
10. Gamify your classroom in a way that focuses not on standards, data, or “proficiency,” but personal progress meaningful to the student.
Ideas from Terry Heick

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