The Power of Voki in the Classroom - Not Just for the K-12 setting

Friday, October 16, 2015

One of my favorite go to technology tools is Voki. I love creating my own personalized speaking avatars that I can use to engage learners in the content being taught, but also allow the learner to create their own avatars to explain difficult topics. I have been a user of Voki as an educator and as an educational technology specialist, and educational technology consultant. 

As an educational technology consultant I am currently working on a Lunch and Learn Webinar on Voki in Higher Education. I am very excited to present the effectiveness of using Voki in the higher education setting.

As we know 90% of what we retain is from doing (creating) and Voki does an outstanding job of bringing active learning into your classroom to engage and motivate students to want to learn. 

So what exactly is Voki you ask?
In a nutshell Voki is an interactive learning tool that allows students and teachers to create avatars to provide evidence of their knowledge and skills. 

Teachers can use Voki to launch a new lesson, go over lesson objectives, and disseminate important information. You can also embed your Voki into your learning management system, PowerPoint and other venues. 

Students can create avatars to reflect on content taught, teach about a difficult topics, deliver speeches, propaganda techniques, sum up class content, present book reports, vocabulary practice, and much more. 

The possibilities are truly endless for using Voki in you classroom!  Voki is a great tool for all grade levels including higher education.

Here are some Voki's that my students' created:

Here is one I created as part of my Online Learning Teaching certification (OLC):

Here is one that I created for my webpage:

Great for teaching topics to students!!

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