Instructional Coaching

Friday, November 2, 2012
What is an Instructional Coach?
An instructional coach is someone who provides teacher support in the classroom with a helping hand and a loving heart.

They are many things:

  1. Resource Provider
  2. Data Coach
  3. Curriculum Specialist
  4. Instructional Specialist
  5. Mentor
  6. Classroom Supporter
  7. Learning Facilitator
  8. School Leader
  9. Catalyst for Change
  10. Learner

What makes an educator a good instructional coach?

To me a good instructional coach first establishes a relationship with the teacher or teachers they are working with. If you want someone to listen to the ideas and suggestions you have, they have to know that you care and are there for them throughout the entire process. A good instructional coach listens to the teacher's needs and finds the best possible student tested resources that will work. The coach models the lessons and provides support to the teacher even if its just to be there for moral support.

Also a good coach will admit they do not know the answer if they do not know, but will find out the information instead making up false information. There is nothing wrong with not knowing everything...we are all humans. If you get caught making up information, you have lost all respect.

Collaborate together as you will find learn so much from each other. The experience is very rewarding and beneficial to our growth as educators.

Never treat a teacher like you are better than them. We are all in this together. Singleness of Purpose
Patience is key! Put yourself in a situation where you were told you needed to do something right now, but you had no clue how to do it. Would you want someone talking down to you? I bet not. Be there and remember to smile!

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